Reason behind the crisis of Air India Express?

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Reason behind the crisis of air india Express?

Tata Group's airline company Air India Express has been facing troubles for some time. The long-running dispute between the company and its staff is impacting its operations. Now there has been a new twist in this matter and the union of air india Express employees has again written a letter to the Central Labor Commissioner. In this letter, the union has said that all the employees of the airline returned to work on May 10, 2024, even after this the company is cancelling the flights on the pretext of a strike by the employees. Along with this, many flights are also being operated with delays. In such a situation, the union has requested the Labor Ministry to intervene in this matter.

More than 100 crew members are sitting idle

The union of air india Express has said in its letter that while only 75 flights were affected due to crew members taking mass sick leave, in the last 10 days, due to the proper management of the company, 450 flights have been cancelled. Due to the non-availability of airport entry passes, more than 100 air india Express crew members were sitting idle without any duty. If their flying hours are reduced, it will affect their salary.

What is the whole matter?

There has been a long-standing dispute between air india Express and its crew members regarding the merger of Air India Express,AIX Connect (earlier AirAsia India). The process of merger of air india Express and AIX Connect is underway. The crew members of air india Express have been angry about this for a long time. For this reason, hundreds of crew members went on sick leave together on 7 May2024. Along with this, the employees had also switched off their phones. When the airlines tried to contact them, everyone switched off their phones. Due to this, the operations of the airlines were affected and the company had to cancel more than 75 flights.

Union members of air india Express say that the demonstration of the crew members had ended on May 9, but the airlines are still delaying the operation of many flights and cancelling many under the pretext of the strike of the employees.

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