Natural's Legacy: A Visionary's Demise!!

Sindujaa D N
The founder of Natural ice cream is Raghunandan srinivas Kamath. Natural ice cream, established in 1984, is an indian brand known for its unique and innovative approach to creating ice creams using natural ingredients.  Raghunandan srinivas Kamath hails from a family with a strong background in the food business. Originally from a small village in Karnataka, Kamath moved to mumbai to pursue better opportunities. 

Kamath’s innovation was to use only natural ingredients like real fruits, dry fruits, milk, and sugar, avoiding artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. This approach set Natural ice cream apart from other brands. From a small shop in Juhu, mumbai, Natural ice cream expanded to become a well-known brand with multiple outlets across India. Its commitment to quality and natural ingredients has won it a loyal customer base. 

Raghunandan srinivas Kamath’s vision and commitment to using natural ingredients have made Natural ice cream a beloved brand in India. His entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach to ice cream production have set a high standard in the industry, making Natural ice cream synonymous with quality and natural goodness.  people from all around the nation are drawn to ice cream made with natural fruits. As Natural's ice cream gained popularity, Kamath made the decision to concentrate solely on the ice cream industry and enhance his offerings. By 2020, Naturals would have 135 locations throughout india and a valuation of approximately Rs 400 crore. 

At the age of 75, Raghunandan Kamath, the pioneer of Natural Ice Creams, passed away on May 17. His remarkable story of breaking records in the business world has captivated the attention of many.  Kamath’s journey from a small village to becoming a pioneer in the ice cream industry is a remarkable story of vision, dedication, and success. His contributions have not only transformed the way ice cream is made and consumed in india but have also set a benchmark for quality and innovation in the food industry. 

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