Telangana - 'Lizard' found in breakfast - 35 Students ill

In the medak region of Telangana, at least 35 students were unwell after reporting that they had discovered a lizard in the breakfast that was provided to them at their government dormitory on Tuesday.
Following their dinner, the impacted pupils from TG Model school in Ramayampet had symptoms including vomiting and diarrhoea. The medak district Educational Officer (DEO) reported that the caretaker and the Special Officer of the hostel received show-cause warnings, and that a cook and an assistant cook were fired for purported carelessness.
In response, school administrators gave the pupils emergency medical attention and transported them to a local hospital.

According to preliminary accounts, it's possible that, as the dish was being prepared, a lizard fell into it by accident. To identify the source of the pollution, health authorities collected samples for examination.
One of the pupils observed a "lizard" in the breakfast when upma was served to them, according to a report the DEO, who looked into the matter, gave to higher officials, including the district Collector.
Concerned parents and locals called for more stringent hygienic standards in school kitchens.
The administration of the school pledged to look into the situation in great detail and to take the appropriate steps to stop such incidents from happening in the future.

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