What's Cooking Between Vijay and Trisha actually?

Sangeetha Sornalingam and Thalapathy Vijay have been wed for 24 years. Their romance started with the success of his debut feature film, Poove Unakkaga. Due to the popularity of the movie, he became well-known among Tamils all over the world, including sangeetha, a tamil industrialist's daughter from Sri Lanka. 

After sangeetha and Vijay met on a movie set, Vijay's parents quickly made a marriage proposal. After getting married on august 25, 1999, Vijay and sangeetha have two kids, Jason Sanjay and divya Sasha. Even though they had a long marriage, there have been sporadic reports of a divorce.
These rumors have recently focused on Vijay's co-star and longtime friend trisha Krishnan. Along with sharing a deep connection, trisha and Vijay have collaborated on numerous successful films, including their most recent film, Leo. On Vijay's 50th birthday, trisha posted a picture of the two of them with the remark, “The calm to a storm; the storm to a calm. To many more milestones ahead,” accompanied by birthday emojis and Billie Eilish’s “Birds of a Feather” playing in the background.

One commenter said, "I don't know why, but I feel incredibly happy for Vijay and trisha," which led to rumors of a romance arising. Few people are allowed to live again, whether they are friends or a couple. Allow them to pursue their interests and be content. "Publicising a relationship before announcing a divorce makes it an extra-marital affair," objected a different user. Regardless of one's origin, having an affair is ethically reprehensible.
Social media quickly began to circulate some unguarded photos of trisha and Vijay having some quality time together. Though the veracity of the rumors is still unknown, Vijay and Sangeetha's marriage has certainly survived for more than 20 years despite sporadic public rumors of their split.


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