Samantha and her Controversies - A Look Back

samantha Ruth Prabhu, despite her successful career, has been at the center of several controversies. Here are five notable ones:
Dookudu Lip-Lock Controversy (2011):
Samantha data-faced criticism for a lip-lock scene with mahesh babu in the telugu film "Dookudu." Some fans and conservative groups found the scene objectionable, sparking debates about the portrayal of intimacy in indian cinema. samantha handled the situation gracefully, defending her role's artistic requirements.

Tweet on Mahesh Babu's poster (2013):

Samantha tweeted about a poster of the film "Nenokkadine," starring mahesh babu, calling it regressive for depicting a woman crawling behind a man. This comment led to a significant backlash from Mahesh Babu's fans and stirred a heated debate on social media about the depiction of women in film advertising. Her criticism was supported by some and opposed by others, showing a divided public opinion.  

Personal Life and Divorce from naga chaitanya (2021):

Samantha's union with fellow actor naga chaitanya and their subsequent divorce became a hot topic of conversation. When the couple revealed their split in october 2021, it sparked a lot of rumors and media attention. samantha politely responded to rude remarks and trolls on her personal life, asking for discretion and decency.

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