Did the USA team opt out from Super 8 due to Political reasons..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Did the USA team opt out from Super 8 due to Political reasons..!?
The league round of the t20 world cup cricket series started on june 2nd and ended on june 18th. Out of which 8 teams have now qualified for the Super 8 round. Teams from India, Australia, South Africa, west indies, Afghanistan, bangladesh, USA and england have gone. Mega twist in Super 8 in which India, Australia, Afghanistan, and bangladesh are in one division and west indies, South Africa, england, and USA teams in another division. The top two teams in each division will qualify for the final round.
In this situation, teams like pakistan and New Zealand, who were expected to leave in the first round, have shocked the fans of the team. In this situation, a post on the Pakistani website is going viral. The US team will not go to the west indies due to political reasons. It has also been mentioned that the US team has left the series. Due to this, the pakistan team, which is next to the United States, has qualified for the Super 8 round. This has left the Pakistani fans confused. But this is completely wrong information. No such incident has ever taken place. The t20 world cup was held in America to popularize cricket. Now that the US team has qualified for the Super 8 is seen as a historic event, why is the US going to leave? But there have been incidents like this where various teams have pulled out of various sports for political reasons. But no such incident took place in this t20 World Cup. Thus it is significant that it is false. As the 90s kids were deceived that the final match was going to be held again, the Pakistani cricket fans are also being deceived now.

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