ECI data shows difference in votes polled, counted - Concerns Raised

A lot of people are expressing concern about the election commission of India's statistics, particularly over discrepancies in the number of votes cast in electronic voting machines and the total number of votes counted in the nation's parliamentary seats, including Telangana.
A BRS supporter has expressed some worries about the discrepancies in the number of votes cast and tabulated in Telangana's 17 seats; on Monday, congress MP gaurav gogoi of assam also voiced concerns over malfunctioning EVMs. Both emphasised that this was a serious matter that needed the ECI's prompt response and explanation, not a political accusation.

In telangana, Nayini Anurag reddy claims that there was an 82-vote discrepancy between the number of EVM votes counted in the nizamabad parliamentary seat, which was 12,26,133, and the number of votes polled, which was 12,26,133. There was a two-vote discrepancy in the number of votes cast in the medak constituency between 13,72,894 and 13,72,896 recorded by the EVM. In Adilabad, the disparity was 1571, but in Malkajgiri, it was 3,946. The difference in nagarkurnool was 2,195. The disparity was 1,243 in karimnagar and 1,283 in Hyderabad. These variations existed in all 17 constituencies, ranging from a greater difference to a lesser one, as in the cases of medak and Nizamabad.

The information may be accessed via two links: (from a press release on May 25 on the number of voters for all completed stages) and (on the number of votes tallied).
"This is an indian citizen's concern, not an accusation against EVMs. Anurag reddy stated on X that the ECI could not have allowed for any variation in the total number of votes cast when it provided the figures for the number of EVM votes cast in the first five phases on May 25.

"About telangana, I compared the official source's vote totals with the information I obtained from their website. I was surprised to see that, out of the 17 constituencies, not a single one matches the votes cast and tallied. He questioned, "Why is there such a difference? How is it possible that more votes were counted than those that were polled in medak and Nizamabad?"
"Fewer votes were polled than were tabulated in any other constituency. He said that not a single constituency's votes perfectly match those that were cast and counted.

"Please be aware that this is a move towards increasing system transparency rather than a political accusation or an attempt to place blame on EVMs. He stated that these worries were not specific to telangana and that the election commission "absolutely needs to come out and explain this to the nation." These disparities were also seen in a few Assamese constituencies.
12,40,306 votes were cast in the Kokrajhar constituency of assam, according to the EC. 12,29,546 EVM votes were tallied on the day of counting, representing a 10,760 vote deficit. More electronic vote ballots were counted than were cast in over 140 lok sabha constituencies. What's going on?" he posted, asking the ECI to try to win back the lost trust and handle this matter specifically for each State rather than in a general way.


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