Telangana Hyderabad - Hostels and PGs Raided - Violations Found

Following many weeks of raids on hyderabad eateries, the telangana Food Safety Department began to focus on hostels and PGs (Paying Guest hostels). On Monday, june 17, searches were conducted in the madhapur region. Various food safety and hygiene breaches were discovered by officials during these raids on PGs and hostels in the affluent region.

Lack of hygiene in hostels & PGs found

At Sri lakshmi PG Hostel, Kavuri Hills, the department found that the facility was found to be operating without any FSSAI license. “Vegetables (cauliflower and ladiesfinger) were found to be infested with pests. The Dosa pan was found to be rusted. The work area was observed to be unhygienic. Improper storage: Rice and dals are stored along with mattresses. The spot test was done for water, and tomato sauce in the ‘Food Safety on Wheels’ vehicle, and the parameters were found to be in an acceptable range. Loose chili powder and bengal gram samples were lifted on suspicion of adulteration,” the department said in a press release.

Unsanitary conditions in hostels & PGs

“Usage of food colours observed. Dosa tawa found to be rusted. Observed raw materials, and vegetables in unsanitary conditions. Refridgerator found in unhygienic condition. workers found without hairnets. Spot test done for drinking water, vinegar, chilli sauce and tomato sauce. Parameters were found to be in an acceptable range. Loose chilli powder sample lifted on suspicion of adulteration,” officials informed.

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