Pushpa 2 - Allu Arjun and 1000 Crores Dream Shattered

On social media, rumors are circulating that Allu Arjun's pushpa 2: The Rule will now be released in December. However, the release date has now been formally confirmed by the producers. The release date has been rescheduled from august 15, 2024, to december 6, 2024. pushpa Part 1 was released in december, making it a calculated decision with a high recall value. 

It could be beneficial to release pushpa 2 around christmas to capitalize on the christmas and New Year holiday season. The movie may continue until Sankranthi if it does well. The New Year's holiday is a particularly profitable time for foreign film distributors including the US, UAE, and UK.

Due to production hold-ups and extensive visual effects work, Akshay Kumar's massive franchise film, which was originally scheduled for december, has been rescheduled. Hollywood's Mufasa: The lion King and Aamir Khan's Sitaar Zameen Par are both releasing around the christmas season. With its remarkable earnings of 160 crores net in 2019, the first installment, The lion King, set high standards for Mufasa.

Sitaare Zameen Par and Mufasa will be a danger to pushpa 2 if they open on time and occupy 40–50% of the screens. Given the enormous potential in Hindi-speaking areas, pushpa 2 needs a widespread hindi distribution to hit the anticipated 1000 crore milestone. To reach the goal of hitting the 1000-crore threshold, pushpa 2 requires at least two to three weeks of uninterrupted time without any significant conflicts. The telugu releases of Nithiin's Robinhood and naga Chaitanya's Thandel are also scheduled for december, but if pushpa 2 confirms a december release, those dates will probably alter.

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