Telangana - No RTC bus fare hike, TGSRTC warns against misinformation

The company has strongly denounced the false reports circulating on social media, which purport to show that TGSRTC is raising the general bus ticket. They have also threatened to take legal action against anyone attempting to discredit the company.
TGSRTC managing director VC Sajjanar refuted reports that the Centre had increased toll prices recently in a statement to the media on Wednesday, june 12. As a result, TGSRTC "updated" its toll cess, which went into effect on june 3.
He clarified that the general fees remained unchanged and said that the revised toll cess would apply to travelers using the highway routes where the toll is gathered. According to an official who spoke with india Herald, even on certain routes, no additional toll would be collected at the first toll booth; instead, passengers continuing further will be subject to the revised toll.
In other TGSRTC news, the company is offering Rs 1,900 monthly rtc bus passes for the "green metro luxury electric AC" buses. Although the passes for these rtc buses cost Rs 2,530, the company is offering a discount of Rs 630 to entice travelers to utilize the premium, eco-friendly bus service.

The pass is valid for rtc buses traveling on JNTU (195) routes between Secunderabad-Patancheru (219) and Bachupally-Waverock. These passes can also be used by passengers to ride City regular buses and E-Metro Express inside city suburb boundaries. Pushpak buses are not compatible with these bus passes.
These buses are offered by TGSRTC so that travelers may travel in a cost-effective, hygienic, safe, pleasurable, and hassle-free manner. With combo tickets priced at Rs 20, passengers with Metro Express bus passes can board these rtc buses. Any of the bus pass issuing locations sells the passes for the Green Metro premium AC buses.

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