Telangana Hyderabad - Notice preventing maids, delivery agents from using lift sparks debate

A controversial sign at a residential building that selectively barred "vendors, maids, and delivery partners" from using the building's elevator has gone viral and sparked anger from online users. The warning said, "If maids, vendors, and delivery boys use passenger lifts, Rs 500 will be fined." It was purportedly from Hyderabad's HiTech City. The picture immediately went viral and ignited a contentious internet discussion.

An X user recounted, “I went to the main lift with a plastic bag with my food and was in my casual. The security came to me and asked me to use the service lift as I was a delivery boy. I had to tell him that I was staying in my company guest house.

Another commenter countered that the image only told half the story because service lifts are also present in these kinds of buildings. He explained, "These people are not allowed because they cause issues for the residents by stalling the lift." Another person said, "I live in a gated community. There is a sign here stating that people use service elevators. Yes, I agree that the terminology is incorrect, but I'm rather certain that there isn't any bias based on caste or religion here.

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