Colon falls out of the body after a forceful sneeze..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Colon falls out of the body after a forceful sneeze..!?
A shocking incident took place in America. A man came to a restaurant in florida with his wife. Then suddenly he sneezed. Some people are very allergic. Sneezing comes when the weather changes a little. If you go in the dust, in traffic, even if you wear perfume, that smell does not fall at all. Some people take all kinds of care for their data-face when they clean their houses. Even so, the tribe gets into trouble with sneezing. Some sneeze very hard. If there are small children in the house, they wake up crying all at once. However, Recently, a strange incident took place in America. When a person sneezes, his stomach and bowels are distended. This incident was in the news.
A florida man (63) went to a local restaurant with his wife. He made his favorite breakfast there. He is having fun chatting with his wife. Meanwhile, he got an itch in his nose and suddenly had a big sneeze. A cough soon followed. In the background, he sneezed and coughed loudly. His stomach was already covered in blood. He could not bear the pain and fainted. The dress was soaked with blood. If you wonder if it really happened. His stomach was cut open and the large intestines came out. Along with him, his wife was also shocked.
Those who were there immediately informed the ambulance. The staff covered the stomach with a shirt to prevent bleeding. However, there was heavy bleeding. He couldn't bear the pain and fainted. When the ambulance arrived there, the man was rushed to the hospital. Doctors treated the victim in the ICU. The intestines that came out of the stomach were properly arranged and up to eight stitches were made. Doctors said that this is a rare case and there is no chance of opening his stomach now.
Fortunately, the doctors said that the man survived as the blood did not come out much. However, there is another reason why his stomach is torn open and his intestines come out. The man has been suffering from prostate cancer for some time. A few days ago he underwent abdominal surgery. When he sneezed hard, three inches of stitches were cut and his intestines came out. This incident has now gone viral on social media.

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