Dil Raju Struggling for a HIT - What's going Wrong?

Dil Raju, a well-known producer, has recently had multiple box office failures. Despite his assured marketing, several of his films have failed. "The Family Star," for example, did not do well, lasting less than two weeks in theatres. "Love Me If You Dare" also garnered a negative public reaction from the start. Meanwhile, "Game Changer" has been in development for more than three years, with no release date in sight.
Additional issues include postponed reshoots for "Akasam Dati Vastava," which stars Yash, and possible reshoots for "Selfish" after viewing preliminary footage. Despite Ashish's willingness to make these adjustments, the film has yet to be released. dil raju is juggling many projects with actors like as Venkatesh, Nani, Vijay Devarakonda, shahid Kapoor, Dhanush, and newcomer Suhas, putting a lot at stake.

Since 2018, his successful films have been restricted to "Vakil Saab," "F2," and "F3," with revenues from Vijay's "Varisu" in Tamil. Other projects, such as "Sakunthalam," did not meet expectations. To be competitive with production firms like as Mythri movie Makers, Sitara Entertainments, and People's Media, dil raju must prioritise quality content above cash. His recent track record implies that improved judgement in project selection is required to sustain Sri Venkateswara Creations (SVC)'s industry status.

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