Hyderabad - Aparna Constructions and Estates launches its first mall

Aparna Constructions and Estates Private Limited made its entry into the retail-commercial and entertainment sectors on Monday, with the opening of aparna Neo Mall and aparna Cinemas in Hyderabad.
Aparna Neo, located in the Nallagandla district, covers 3.67 acres and has a total area of 3.5 lakh square feet. It is the only mall within an 8-kilometer radius. aparna Constructions has made a strategic investment of Rs 252 crore in aparna Neo and an additional Rs 32 crore in aparna Cinemas.

"Hyderabad is expected to become the fourth fastest expanding metropolis. This fast urbanisation is driving up demand in the residential, commercial, and retail real estate sectors," stated Rakesh Reddy, director of aparna Constructions and Estates.
The mall, which is planned to open on May 31, will have over 80 retailers selling luxury cosmetics, high-end fashion, travel essentials, technology, food, and top grade entertainment.

Furthermore, aparna theatre has cutting-edge amenities such as the newest Dolby sound systems and 4K projection displays. The 1200-plus seating theatre provides an unsurpassed audio-visual experience, giving customers with a first-rate movie experience.
"We also have plans for 4 new malls, each featuring aparna Cinemas as the entertainment unit across telangana and Andhra Pradesh, by 2027," Rakesh said.

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