Btech Ravi is ready to defeat Jagan..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Btech ravi is ready to defeat Jagan..!?

- BTech ravi who broke YCP's stronghold.

-BTech ravi who became Chandrababu's right hand.

- tdp leader Btech ravi is ready to defeat jagan in his own constituency. 

As a very common man, he contested as a candidate on behalf of the telugu desam party, and ycp leader jagan showed victory in his own time and showed his opponents a taste of defeat. The tdp party got a lot of relief after bringing tdp to power. After almost three and a half decades, theTelugu Desam party came to power in the 2017 local body elections in Kadapa. From then cm Chandrababu to tdp leaders expressed happiness that they will win in Pulivendu too. In 2017, YS Rajasekhar Reddy's brother YS vivekananda reddy ycp could not win there even though it stood. It must be said that it was a big shock for Jagan. tdp moved strategically for jagan to win here. 

Today, anyway, in the background of news that his party will disappear again, standing by Chandrababu. Studied in Pulivendu and completed B.Tech in Karnataka. He has been in tdp for the last 25 years and lost in 2011 as a candidate for the pulivendula telugu Desam Party. YS Vijayamma won that election. As a part of that, Chandrababu has made alliances with the bjp and Jana Sena by strategically writing while hearing the news that it will be difficult for him to win. However, while hearing the news that defeat is difficult, tdp leader Btech ravi is ready to defeat jagan in his own constituency. pulivendula tdp mla candidate Btech ravi has now made it clear that ram Rajya is coming. He made it clear that the end of the anarchy regime would soon be sung.

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