Telangana - Expired food products worth Rs 70,000 found at Swetha hotel in Karimnagar

Food safety officers conducted searches on various hotels in karimnagar on Sunday. Taskforce teams led by Assistant Food Controller, Warangal, Amruthasree conducted searches of hotel kitchens and storerooms. Amruthasree said they discovered expired food worth Rs 70,000 at swetha three-star hotel. They also discovered 20 to 25 varieties of prepared meals at the motel. She advised that she would perform raids in all hotels and would give notifications to establishments that were not adhering to quality standards, and that action would be taken.

Earlier, the telangana Food Safety Department investigated restaurants in the Lakdikapul region, discovering filthy conditions and collecting samples to send to the laboratory. At 'Rayalaseema Ruchulu', 20 kg of maida infested with black beetles was dumped, as was two kg of insect-ridden tamarind and expired Amul milk.

A total of 168 Goli Soda bottles were seized for not having a manufacturing permit. Furthermore, unlabelled cashews and jawar roti valued at Rs 11,000 were dumped. In addition, there were inappropriate storage procedures and sanitary concerns in the kitchen. Meanwhile, unlabeled cooked and semi-prepared products were discovered in storage at Shah Ghouse. Medical data for food workers were also lacking.

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