Balayya Vs Jr NTR - Cold War brewing?

Meanwhile, there is always something going on in the Nandamuri family. Especially the war between junior ntr fans and balayya fans is also seen from time to time. Especially with Balayya's comments, the differences in the Nandamuri family are coming out from time to time. Balayya's latest words are making ntr fans fire again. balayya has been campaigning on behalf of the party for many days in the recent elections. He worked hard to win the party.

Balayya, who recently came to the trailer release event of satyabhama movie, said on this occasion that he was very busy in the election campaign for 40 days and that's why he missed the camera for 40 days. balayya also informed that it is not enough to talk about him to claim that he is the successor of NTR. He also informed that those who walk the path shown by senior ntr are his successors.

However, Balayya's fans say that these comments were indirectly addressed to Jr. NTR. There are reports that junior ntr did not campaign on behalf of tdp founded by senior ntr, so they are saying this. junior NTR's fans are on fire over this matter. They are also asking what balayya actually knows. It is being told that junior ntr is being trampled on in the tdp party. ntr fans are also giving a strong counter to Balayya.

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