RACE surveys are all towards Jagan..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

RACE surveys are all towards Jagan..!?

- Race predictions favor YCP

- Chandrababu is also having a hard time in Kuppam..?

- All the race surveys are towards Jagan..?

 Who will win the recent elections in southern states? RACE (Research Associates and Consultants of Electrification) is also leading the way in estimating. This organization has also made many assumptions. Who will win? It has been calculated how many seats will be given to whom. However, it is noteworthy that even the reports released twice are in favor of one party. For example, even a month before the election, she visited the race survey field and met many people. According to this, they said that they knew the result. They are estimating the same. In both surveys in this order, it has been stated that the alliance will get fewer seats and the ycp will get more seats. Also, it is noteworthy to say that the alliance will lose in the crucial constituencies. But, the reasons are not given anywhere.

It is difficult to say how successful the race organization will be. In 2014, this company said that there was jagan Vastu in AP. Then it failed. Later, although it was a success. It faltered to some extent in terms of seats. Now, once again YCP sided. Chandrababu has difficulties in a key constituency like Kuppam. This organization has given scope to the argument that it is giving some favor to any party. 

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