Heroine Supporting SRH for Telugu Movie Chances?

Sports and movies are two of the most glamorous areas in the entertainment industry. Cross-promotion is popular in this area since we frequently see cinema stars at sporting events. One such occurrence involved Malayali-born tollywood actress Samyuktha Menon.
Samyuktha has recently been observed visiting IPL locations, supporting SRH, and mingling with fans. Needless to say, this is loved by SRH fans, who are pleased to see a heroine come out in support of SRH. However, like with most public matters, there is an unfavorable discourse about Samyuktha's support for SRH as well.

According to social media users, Samyuktha is a Malayali-born actress who has no motive to endorse SRH. "A Malayali female, if anything, should favor Chennai, as it is their neighboring state. But Samyuktha supports SRH, and there might be a secret motive. It may be to capture the attention of SRH fans and, perhaps, earn a few film offers." But this is just trash talk. A person, whether a superstar or not, may support whatever team they wish. We see many Hyderabadis supporting Mumbai, Chennai, and RCB. In that scenario, Samyuktha's support for SRH should be OK, and it may be a general thing.

Making a dinner with this minor detail is as shambolic as it gets. But at ground level, Samyuktha is stunning the SRH fan base with her enthusiasm for the Hyderabadi team, which is presently in the IPL finals.


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