Himachal Pradesh is used by Congress as a cash machine!!!

S Venkateshwari

Himachal Pradesh is used by congress as a cash machine!!!

Himachal Pradesh chief minister Sukhwinder Sukhu came under fire on saturday from Union home minister amit shah, who accused him of turning the state into a congress ATM.The chief minister of himachal pradesh has turned the region into a cash cow for the congress party. The congress party challenges polls every election using the hard-earned cash of the people in the state. The minister stated during his campaign in himachal pradesh, whose four seats will be up for election in the seventh and final phase of the lok sabha elections on june 1, that "development is the BJP's habit, not something the congress can do."

Shah went on to criticize the congress, saying, "Modi Ji has already won 310 seats and will surpass 400 in the sixth and seventh phases, securing his position as prime minister once more. It is therefore the voters in the seventh phase who will have the task of securing 400 seats. rahul gandhi, however, will continue to be confined to seats below 40."

Shah asserted that mallikarjun Kharge, the leader of the party, will bear full responsibility for the Congress's june 4 defeat. Kharge Ji is currently running for office in Himachal Pradesh. But on june 4th, Kharge Sahab would be forced to step down since he will be held solely responsible for the congress party's electoral defeat. Since nobody can hold priyanka and rahul gandhi accountable," he stated. According to him, the bjp will establish a government in himachal pradesh after winning six assembly seats.

Shah claimed, "Modi Ji sent Rs. 3200 crore during the disaster but they spent the entire amount on corruption," accusing the present congress administration of being corrupt. The MLAs who resigned from the assembly and joined the bjp have likewise done so. As the BJP's nominees, they will data-face reelection as candidates, and if they win, the congress government in himachal pradesh will collapse like a house of cards. He said, "Modi Ji has developed the country 100%, but himachal pradesh has developed by 150%."

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