Janhvi Kapoor Proved She's not 'Dumb' - VIDEO

Janhvi Kapoor, who is sometimes derided as a product of nepotism, defied preconceptions and demonstrated her academic prowess in a recent interview that has gone viral on social media. In this frank interview with a renowned hindi portal, Janhvi demonstrated a depth of understanding that contradicts the impression of her as a naive celebrity.
Discussing luminaries such as mahatma gandhi and BR Ambedkar, she expressed a wish for a discussion between these monumental characters, displaying a deep understanding of history and its influence on our society. But Janhvi did not stop there. She dug into the subtleties of caste prejudice, untouchability, and Dalits, exhibiting an exceptional understanding of social concerns that are sometimes disregarded in celebrity circles.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Netizens have expressed admiration for her statements, which have astonished them with their breadth of knowledge. people likened Janhvi to kangana ranaut, who is outspoken on social and political concerns. While Kangana's opinions are viewed as swayed by whatsapp messages, Janhvi's actual comprehension and knowledge have received acclaim.
Janhv's shift from a stereotyped "bimbo" to a serious critic underscores the necessity of seeing past outward looks to recognise genuine content. Janhvi demonstrated that she is not dumb and that she is both beautiful and intelligent.


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