Damodar Gautam Sawang is Jagan's Biggest Strength!

In the state of andhra pradesh, jagan Mohan reddy continued his brand rule in five years. Jaganmohan reddy also succeeded in taking many sensational decisions which no chief minister could take in the past. Jaganmohan reddy used the bureaucracy very well while handling MLAs and ministers. Which officer should be retained? Which Dept should be allotted to which Minister? Jaganmohan reddy was able to implement these things properly.
Appointment of advisers, transfers of officers and steps taken to increase public trust in the government. In this context, it can be said that jagan Mohan reddy utilized the services of gautam Sawang very well. During Jaganmohan Reddy's 5-year rule, the entire cover of gautham Savaog is visible. Immediately after coming to power in the year 2019, Jaganmohan reddy appointed gautham Savangu, an IPS officer, as ap DGP.
Jagan put his first signature on this file after coming to power. It is known that gautham worked as the director General of Vigilance and Enforcement till then. Jaganmohan reddy was announced as DGP after coming to power. gautam, an IPS officer of 2086 batch, has started his career in chittoor district. It means that this entire area is jagan Mohan Reddy's area. Since then, gautam Sawang has been very close to jagan Mohan Reddy.
Gautam Sawang, who started his career as an ASP rose to the rank of DGP. And he could work as DGP only from 2019 to 2022. Jaganmohan reddy rendered many services to his government during his tenure. They also maintained peace and security without any complications for the ap government. Except for some minor controversies. gautham Sawang has maintained the law and order so that the Jaganmohan reddy government gets good marks.
However, after some time jagan removed him from DGP and immediately handed him the post of Chairman of APPSC. Jaganmohan reddy drew this sketch so that he would not go to the central services. gautham Sawang is also doing his part as chairman of APPSC. gautam Savang's data-face is clearly seen in Jaganmohan Reddy's 5-year rule at every step.

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