Dear YSRCP, Stop OverBoasting..!!

What a shame! Young people who travel overseas for further education behave like caste maniacs and weak-minded individuals. Some people studying or working overseas, whether they are kamma, reddy, or Kapu, have an unhealthy obsession with specific leaders.
If kamma youth adore Chandrababu and Balakrishna, reddy youth publicly worship jagan Mohan Reddy. The obsession of certain Kapus for pawan kalyan is also well-known. Aside from the caste issue, some young people are sinking to this level owing to an identity crisis. They only need social media attention. They do something unusual and become the talk of the day on social media.
When jagan Mohan reddy traveled to London, a man knelt as Jagan's automobile passed. The photo became viral, and that seemed to be enough for that person. people in india scoff at someone who has obtained a responsible education overseas when he acts like way.

Another aspect to note is the YSRCP members' overreaction to revealing the date and time for YS jagan Mohan Reddy's swearing-in ceremony. It's reasonable that some social media fanatics would do this. But why would someone like yv subba reddy declare this on social media? Can't he wait till june 4th? Is it any sense to state all of this now when there is no way to change the outcome?
The issue to observe is that the YSRCP is bragging more about their triumph than the tdp media. The leader, jagan Mohan reddy, announced around 150 seats and then fled. Chandrababu might do the same to raise his cadre's morale until the results are known. It is OK as long as the leaders of the parties do it. But why is everyone so onto it?

This is permissible as long as it does not cause harm to anyone. However, by making such claims, both the tdp and the YSRCP are encouraging many innocent individuals to engage in betting activities. They are being excessively persuaded and risking their hard-earned money on betting.
As a result, respectable media, social media, and leaders from all parties must retain their poise in the interests of people who gamble.


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