BJP to give a Bigger Role for Pawan Kalyan?

The recently finished assembly and lok sabha elections in andhra pradesh gave an excellent chance for the bharatiya janata party (BJP) to establish its foothold in the state, as it is projected to win three or four lok sabha seats and a few assembly seats.
The bjp leadership understands that their win, even in a few seats, is primarily thanks to backing from the telugu desam party (TDP) led by N. chandrababu naidu and the Jana Sena party (JSP) led by Pawan Kalyan.
If the coalition wins the poll, the bjp will maintain a presence in the state for the next five years.

However, this would not help the party expand independently in andhra pradesh since Naidu, as chief minister, will not give local bjp officials any clout in state affairs.
As a result, the bjp national leadership is allegedly considering using pawan kalyan to grow into an independent force in the state.
Pawan Kalyan lacks the capacity and determination to emerge as a significant political force on his own, therefore the bjp may utilize him to gain traction in Andhra Pradesh.
Regardless of the election results, the bjp leadership has resolved to continue working with pawan kalyan in the coming years.

If the nda wins power, the bjp will push for pawan kalyan to be named as deputy chief minister.
If the coalition does not win power, the bjp leadership intends to elevate pawan kalyan to the national level by granting him a rajya sabha seat and a job in the central government.
In the long run, the bjp hopes to compel pawan kalyan to unite his Jana Sena party with the BJP.
Even if pawan kalyan does not agree to a merger, the bjp will maintain the alliance, and by 2029, both parties will have formed a strong coalition and a potent political alternative in Andhra Pradesh. There is a chance that the tdp will decrease by then.

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