Preity Zinta Reveals Why She Never Did Movies for 6 Years!

Preity Zinta, best known for her appearances in legendary films such as dil Se, Kal Ho Naa Ho, and Veer-Zaara, has been absent from the big screen for a long time. However, after a 6-year break, the actress has returned and is now shooting Lahore 1947 opposite Sunny Deol. preity zinta recently opened out about her hiatus, stating that she wants to focus on her personal life.

In an interview with DD India, preity zinta stated, "I did not want to shoot a film. I was preoccupied with work, but I desired to devote more time to my personal life. people forget that for women performers, your art is vital; you want to build a body of work, but you also have a biological clock. I have never dated someone from the industry. I have never dated an actor. So, logically, I needed to start my own family. It's fine to play several lives, but don't forget to live your own. So I wanted to have kids. business was also thrilling since it was new. But largely, I wanted to concentrate on my personal life.
Well, the actress did add that she had been reading screenplays for the past six years, but nothing spectacular was coming in. In April, she announced the start of the shoot. Preity shared the photos on her official instagram account, captioned "On set for Lahore 1947," with the hashtags 'new movie' and'shooting'.
Aamir Khan is producing the film 'Lahore 1947'. preity zinta and sunny deol have previously cooperated on several films, including Hero: love story of a Spy, Farz, and Bhaiyaji Superhit. sunny deol made a triumphant comeback last year with Gadar 2. The picture achieved a huge success at the box office.

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