Naga Chaitanya Blushes When He Sees Samantha - VIDEO

Manam, released in 2014, is unquestionably a telugu movie masterpiece. vikram K Kumar directed the film, which starred three generations of the Akkineni family. Fans have reacted positively to its recent re-release. naga chaitanya attended a special showing at Devi 70 MM last night, along with the film's director. Fans went berserk and showered him with adoration. Fans express their enthusiasm for the film and the actor in photos and videos shared on social media.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Some recordings show naga chaitanya gushing and blushing while witnessing his on-screen relationship with samantha, his ex-wife. It was lovely to watch him enjoying these romantic moments. Fans of chaitanya and samantha were nostalgic as they saw their sizzling chemistry on film and remembered the profound love that led to their marriage in 2017, even though they split up in 2021. manam will always remain a unique film, treasured not only by fans but also by naga chaitanya and Samantha.
Several videos from theatres have gone viral online, showing naga chaitanya celebrating manam with fans. However, one video indicates that during the iconic pelli moment between samantha and naga chaitanya, the theatre burst with a loud bang, and fans went insane over the sequence, especially after seeing them both.

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