Hyderabadis Have Given Up Cooking!

Hyderabad as a culinary destination need no introduction. The City provides the best of food at all rates to suit the palates of all types of people. From roadside bandis to curry stands on every street, tiny eateries, restaurants, fine-dining establishments, and star hotels, there is something for everyone in Hyderabad. The culinary Safety Department's recent searches, however, have tarnished Hyderabad's reputation as a culinary destination.
From small restaurants to big names, there are compromises in hygiene and healthy safety by using expired food items, illegal use of harmful food colours, lack of cleanliness in the kitchens, use of sub-standard ingredients, and so on, indicating that even at premium prices, customers do not receive fair quality food. However, in recent years, hyderabad has developed a strong eating out culture. A research found that consumers have stopped cooking and are spending more money on takeaway, meal delivery apps and prepared food.
>>The trend is consistent throughout the country. The consumption of basics such as rice, wheat, and lentils has decreased from 24.2% to 10.5% in the country.<<
Until 2010, most middle- and upper-middle-class households ate non-vegetarian meals on Sundays. Eating out is saved for exceptional family events. The food options were likewise restricted. Back then, paradise was synonymous with hyderabad Biryani. The family would drive all the way to secunderabad to eat their favourite Biryani. Today, we have over twenty branches in hyderabad alone. The introduction of food delivery apps altered the entire environment.
There is no need to trek all the way to secunderabad for paradise Biryani or rtc X Roads for Bawarchi Biryani anymore. You also have a variety of options in your neighbourhood, which may be delivered to your door from secunderabad or rtc X Roads. swiggy claims that 6,64,46,312 distinct items are available on its menu across the country. Initially, there were several applications, like swiggy, Zomato, UberEATS, Food Panda, and many smaller ones. These applications utilised to provide deeper discounts and referral bonuses to attract users, and they made a significant contribution to the change in Hyderabad's dining habits.




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