PK is a cash party, I-PAC just a consultancy!

Botsa Satyanarayana, a senior ysr congress party politician and andhra pradesh Education minister, is noted for making outspoken and aggressive remarks. His candor has occasionally embarrassed the party, but he maintains his unapologetic demeanor.
In recent days, there has been a battle of words between political strategist prashant kishor and the YSRCP, which hired him to help with the party's electoral plan in 2019.
Prashant Kishor has said in recent interviews that YSRCP president and chief minister Y. S. jagan Mohan reddy is likely to lose substantially in the just concluded assembly elections. YSRCP leaders have forcefully rebutted his statements.

Jagan has stated that the party will win more seats than it did in 2019 (151 assembly seats) when prashant kishor led the indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC), which devised the YSRCP strategy.
Despite this, prashant has maintained his forecast, indicating that the YSRCP would be defeated and that if this does not occur, he will data-face the consequences.
Botsa responded passionately to prashant Kishor's views.
"Does Lord Brahma make forecasts or create party scripts? He is only a mercenary. He accepts money to do electoral gimmicks for parties, nothing more," he explained.

He stated that prashant kishor was employed by the YSRCP for just one election.
"We did not need him again and we let him go because he is just a mercenary," he stated.
Botsa also minimized the influence of I-PAC, which supported the YSRCP in recent elections.
"We have engaged the services of I-PAC only for coordination, not for decision-making," he stated.
The minister emphadata-sized that I-PAC is simply a consulting business and that actual decisions are made by the party's senior command.
"For the time being, I-PAC is working constructively. However, whether it's prashant kishor or I-PAC, both are merely ephemeral. "Only the party is permanent," he stated.


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