Who's the Winner? Fear Song Vs Pushpa Vs Jargandi

Allu Arjun's pushpa 2, NTR's Devara, and ram Charan's Game Changer are three of the most talked-about pan-India blockbusters featuring telugu superstars. These films are presently under development, with the first singles from each having been released. Jaragandi, from ram Charan's Game Changer, was the first to be released, choreographed by Prabhu Deva, and shot on a large set by director Shankar. Despite the high production standards, the amorous peppy number failed to captivate listeners, as both the song composition and choreography fell short. The song was unremarkable.

Next, Allu Arjun's pushpa pushpa song was released. It was favorably appreciated for its catchy music and Allu Arjun's dynamic dancing routines, which added a lot of attraction. However, the archaic lyrics proved to be a turnoff, making it a passable but not remarkable introductory song. NTR's Fear Song was launched yesterday and received fantastic feedback. Although there was a lot of buzz comparing it to Jailer's Hukum, which proved difficult to beat on the first day of release, the song showed potential. The problem is that the song sounds too much like Leo's "Badass," with the lyrics overwhelmed by the music and singing and missing a memorable hook.

The full impact of Fear Song will be revealed in a few days. Overall, while pushpa pushpa is a fine song, Anirudh's techno composition for Fear Song stands out for its creative songs and current instrumentals, which appeal to today's youthful audience. According to initial comments, Fear Song outperforms pushpa pushpa and is far better accepted than Thaman's Jaragandi. Anirudh wins this first round, despite the fact that it is not an unambiguous 'original' chartbuster. However, DSP's attempts aren't too far behind.

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