Senseless Talk of Lokesh gets Trolled

A few months ago, the people of andhra pradesh got the opportunity to observe the shenanigans of Ganta Venkateswara Rao, also known as GV Rao, who was dubbed an economist. His dance clips were later released on social media, and all anybody could do was laugh out.
Currently, Tulluru lokesh, another so-called "medhavi," has been entertaining the telugu people on MAHAA tv with his meaningless chatter. According to him, jagan Mohan reddy has been using the indian Navy to assist him move money-filled containers worth millions of rupees to foreign nations since 2015.

After pointing out that it was Chandrababu's administration in 2015, the anchor questioned him, asking how jagan could have done this and whether the indian Navy could have assisted in any way in such heinous conduct.
Lokesh was at a loss for words and only attempted to hide something. The anchor seems to have finished the broadcast after receiving some instructions in the interim.
At gannavaram airport, this real-time comic was moving suspiciously just as jagan MOHAN REDDY' target='_blank' title='ys jagan mohan reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">ys jagan mohan reddy was about to board a flight overseas. This led to his eventual arrest by the authorities.

His startling response to the police when they inquired why he was there was, "I came here to take the printout of my ticket as I am going to delhi tomorrow."
These days, is there anyone who goes to the airport to print their ticket?
Everyone is entering through the mobile entry with their web-checked boarding cards or tickets. As a result of Lokesh's more dubious response, the police took him into custody.
Ultimately, the question is: Why is it that only the yellow media hires such insane and absurd talk show hosts to appear on tv channels?
Furthermore, according to insiders, there's a potential the indian Navy would file a case against him.

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