How YSRCP Surpassed TDP Mind Games?

Yellow media and tdp are well-known for their deceptive mental tricks. ycp has now overtaken them. ycp and the Alliance engaged in a major social media war during the elections. The ycp was able to effectively paint the coalition as guilty on matters about social pension distribution and land titling.
YCP retaliated to Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan's criticism of the Land Titling Act at campaign rallies by bringing attention to tdp MLA payyavula Keshav's remarks in the assembly that were in favor of the legislation. Furthermore, ycp was successful in debunking the alleged plots and providing an optimistic tale regarding the Land Titling Act on ETV.
Additionally, ycp demonstrated with proof that tdp was the party that opposed volunteer pension distribution and insisted on bank deposits.
Nimmagadda Following his ec complaint, Ramesh Kumar informed the press that social pensions need to be given to people with bank accounts via direct deposit (DBT) and to people without bank accounts in cash.
It's common knowledge whose political agenda Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar represents.

YCP extensively disseminated the Nimmagadda news conference video on social media, revealing Alliance conspiracies. The footage was shown on ETV.
Later, tdp started a mind game to use various surveys to influence the betting industry, which made the ycp rankings defensive.
Chief minister YS jagan issued a forceful counterreaction to the election results at this crucial moment.
In a meeting with the I-PAC team, he declared that the ycp would win more than 151 seats, predicting outcomes that would take the country by surprise. The yellow team is perplexed by this statement.

Minister Botsa Satyanarayana further dealt a blow, putting his opponents on the defensive, by declaring that jagan will take the oath for a second term in Visakhapatnam on june 9. TDP's mind trick seems to have been exposed as a result.
Whatever the outcome, a lot of dramas are playing out. Some believe that the alliance is inciting the rival organisation, which is why ycp is using similar strategies.

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