Man Dares to Fall for a Ghost!

The theatrical trailer for dil Raju's upcoming film, "Love Me" which is scheduled for release on May 26th, is now available. First of all, a portion of viewers who watch trailers on their phones may find it inconvenient as the majority of the video is cut in a nighttime, gloomy visual tone. Although the basic idea of the hero falling in love with the most deadly ghost seems intriguing, not enough information has been made available to keep things mysterious.
The fact that MM keeravani is composing the music and BGM offers promise, but we will have to wait and see the movie in theatres to see how he improves it. ashish might do a lot more in this area; his delivery of the dialogue is flat. All things considered, love Me is opening in theatres following a period of inactivity, and we're hoping the fresh idea will provide a captivating experience. love Me was produced by Harshith reddy and Hanshitha reddy, and it will be released in theatres on May 26.

The first scene in the teaser features people who are terrified because of a wicked ghost that appears at a certain time. The bold and daring young man Ajay, portrayed by ashish, is then presented to us. His heart is set on doing things that are advised against. He goes to a place where a female spirit resides in defiance of everyone's cautions, and he not only looks for her but also grows romantically involved with her. Is love conceivable between a spirit and a human being? The idea seems like a fascinating one. It's also fun to watch the trailer.


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