Suchileaks - Dhanush and Trisha Keeping Muted Response - Only 'HE' reacted

The news that singer Suchitra damaged Dhanush's reputation in a recent interview has infuriated his admirers. Why did dhanush use to throw late-night parties with a bunch of males, the singer said? She explicitly asserted that dhanush had several extramarital affairs. Suchitra accused trisha as 'Bitch' and said she was the one who provided the photos to be exposed in 'Suchileaks' and she said she was giggling with her in the same room when it was being posted,
She also disclosed that dhanush enjoys going out to parties with homosexual individuals, one of whom is her ex-husband Karthik. Her interview painted dhanush in an entirely unfavorable light, and all of the media outlets carried her opinions. Prominent news networks in tamil Nadu aired programs critical of Dhanush.

Dhanush's supporters have criticized the tamil media outlets as a consequence. Trending hashtags criticizing media outlets have been circulating, with the accusation that these outlets plot to discredit dhanush each time his movie is set for release. The 13th of june marks the release date of Dhanush's next movie, "Raayan". dhanush, on the other hand, has not commented on this topic or kept quiet. The same goes with trisha as she also never reacted and is keeping a muted response.

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