Shock from Europe after Singapore..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Shock from europe after Singapore..!?

The ban on indian products in hong kong and singapore has caused shock and concern following the discovery of the cancer-causing chemical ethylene oxide in indian products. At the same time, in tests conducted by the european Food Safety Commission, the presence of this cancer-causing 'Ethylene Oxide' (Ethylene Oxide) chemical adulteration in indian food products has been reported by the Deccan Herald. Blue Collar Jobs Dominating India's Employment Growth..!! But so far, it is said that the indian authorities have not taken any action to ban the use of this chemical. Between september 2020 and april 2024, tests conducted by the european Food Safety Authority found 527 food items exported from india to be contaminated with ethylene oxide. Of these, 313 samples were found in cashews, sesame, herbs and spices (60), diet foods (48), and other food products (34). 

 87 shipping consignments containing food products containing ethylene oxide were intercepted at the port data-border. The european Food Safety Authority also said that the remaining products were removed from the european authorities' action after they went on the market. Nestle Controversy:

Cheated by Nestle Ethylene oxide is a colorless gas that is used as an insecticide and disinfectant. However, this ethylene oxide is actually a chemical used to disinfect medical equipment. Continued consumption of foods containing ethylene oxide has been linked to an increased risk of developing cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia. According to the information available on the website "Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed - RASFF" which monitors food safety in EU member states, the chemical ethylene oxide was detected in 525 food products and 2 feed products. In this, the sole origin of 332 products is mentioned as India. Other countries where ethylene oxide has been detected in the rest of the products are mentioned. It is the same ethylene oxide that caused the ban on indian food products in the countries of hong kong and singapore, and it is worrisome that it has been found continuously in the european union and no action has been taken by the indian government.

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