Australian journalist’s ‘not allowed to cover polls’ claim misleading

Official sources stated on tuesday that Australian journalist Avani Dias's assertion that she was forced to leave india and was not permitted to cover elections is false, deceptive, and cheeky.
On april 20, Avani Dias, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's correspondent for South Asia, departed India. Dias had said she was informed the government would not grant a normal visa renewal. She added that a Ministry of External Affairs representative, who noted that her most recent Foreign Correspondent episode on YouTube "crossed a line," notified her over the phone of the decision.
Government officials, however, said that Dias was "pursuing her professional pursuits" while in breach of the terms of her visa.

Despite this, the sources stated that she was promised an extension of her visa to allow her to attend the general elections.
Dias paid the visa cost on april 18 and her prior visa was good until april 20. On the same day, her visa was renewed to the end of June, according to sources.
According to the reports, on april 20, Dias "chosen to leave India."
"She had a valid visa at the time of her departure, and her request for an extension had been granted. According to insiders, her assertion that journalists are not allowed to cover elections is likewise false.

According to reports, all holders of Journalist Visas are allowed to cover election events outside of booths; permission letters are only needed to get entry to polling places and counting centres.
But while the visa extension is being processed, this cannot be handled. It is important to remember that Meghna Bali and Som Patidar, two additional ABC journalists, have already gotten their letters, according to sources.

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