Did Kiara Advani visit Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput?

There's a good chance that mumbai hosted shahid kapoor and kiara Advani's meet-up, which was a kind of mini-Kabir Singh-Preeti reunion. The pair, who portrayed the renowned characters in the blockbuster 2019 movie, are also very close friends. kiara may have visited shahid and Mira at their home based on the most recent photo she shared. If the picture wasn't enough, the husband and wife team's remarks on Kiara's picture definitely make us eager for the next round of pictures.

It is possible that kiara advani paid shahid kapoor and Mira Rajput a visit at their mumbai flat. In her most recent picture, the actress is seen idly drinking tea from a beautiful cup. Nonetheless, the frame's artistic backdrop resembles one from one of Shahid's reels. kiara hasn't said whether or not she was at Shahid-Mira's residence, though.
Shahid said, "That sofa is very familiar," in response to a photo of Kiara. "To be continued (sic)" was the message made by his spouse, Mira Rajput. Kiara's sunnies were also praised by varun Dhawan. Kiara Advani talked about her experience collaborating with shahid kapoor in "Kabir Singh." The actor previously stated to mumbai Mirror, "Shahid isn't that old, so I can't say I grew up watching him." However, having spent a whole schedule with him, I can categorically state that he is the only person I can picture playing the title part. Working with someone who adds so much to a scenario is enjoyable."

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