TDP - A Century Cases on this Candidate?

The process of nominations in andhra pradesh will end tomorrow. Due to this, the assets, debts, educational qualification and details of cases of many leaders are becoming a hot topic. In this order, as part of the matter made in the affidavit, the financial situation of the political leaders of andhra pradesh, the cases against them are surprising all over the state. A particular tdp candidate gets attention as there are a century cases on him.
Chintamaneni prabhakar who is standing in the election as tdp party's Dendulur constituency candidate is not who he is. It seems that the cases against him are close to a century. There are reports that there are not so many cases against any party candidate across the state. chintamaneni prabhakar has informed in the affidavit in the nomination file that there are about 93 cases and he also informed that his property is worth more than 50 crores.
All the cases registered against him have also been explained in the affidavit. Everyone are turning their noses up against him. Despite the number of cases, there are reports that his aggressiveness has not decreased. chintamaneni prabhakar from Dendulur constituency is working harder to win this time no matter what. chintamaneni prabhakar is trying his best to get people's support. Currently, this candidate is busy with the election campaign.

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