Telangana Hyderabad - HMR’s multi level parking complex nearly complete

The German Palis parking system is being used in hyderabad Metro Rail's (HMR) multi-level parking (MLP) complex, which is almost complete. The MLP complex was built on a half-acre block of HMR land next to the nampally metro station. It has five commercial levels and ten parking floors, totaling around 1,44,400 square feet of built-up space.
32% of this is used for business uses, such as stores and a two-screen movie theatre, while the remaining 68% is set aside for parking 250 four-wheelers and 200 two-wheelers. Under a public-private partnership (PPP) arrangement, Bhari Infra Pvt Ltd constructed the MLP complex for around ₹80 crore, with a 50-year concession period.
With four "In or Out" (I/O) terminals located on the ground level, the complex makes use of state-of-the-art automated parking technology. Regular users will obtain permanent RFID cards, while drivers of vehicles entering the MLP will receive smart cards.
After that, the driver can park the vehicle on the assigned I/O terminal's turn table. Using a transporter shuttle, the computerized parking system will automatically classify the car according to its specifications and park it on the correct floor.

The motorist pays the parking cost and shows the card reader the parking ticket to get the car back. The automobile will then be automatically returned by the transporter shuttle, making sure that it is placed in a way that doesn't need reversing to drive away.
It takes less than a minute to park, and it just takes two minutes to retrieve.N. V. S. reddy, the managing director of HMR, has asked the developers, hari Kishen reddy and bhavana Reddy, to finalize the finishing touches as soon as possible and start trial runs by the end of the next month.

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