Did Jagan Bring Even One Industry?

Ganta Srinivasa Rao, the current mla of visakha North and a former tdp minister has submitted his candidature for the bheemili Assembly Constituency and is making a busy campaign trip. He was recently spotted reminding people of YS Jagan's five-year reign alongside Sribharat Mathukumilli. "Under YS Jagan's administration, not a single industry has entered andhra pradesh," said Ganta. There hasn't been a single program in ap linked to development. If companies moved to the state, the lives of the young people would be altered.

More than 10,000 employees were produced in Anantapur when Chandrababu introduced KIA. You have to consider if the state has received any funding at throughout the last five years. "Jagan only made the announcement two months before the elections, despite his promises of an annual work schedule and a DSC notice. However, the election commission also put an end to that. jagan is not an honest person. Before you vote for him, consider this," Ganta continued.
YS Jaganmohan Reddy, who is frequently called out by the opposition for being the richest chief minister in the nation, has a total worth of Rs. 529.87 crores. Furthermore, YS Bharti, his wife, has property valued at Rs. 176.63 crores. Over the last five years, Jagan's fortune has increased significantly. His assets have increased by over 41% since the 2019 elections, when they were estimated at Rs. 375.20 crores.


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