No Bail, More Jail for Kavitha!

Delhi's chief minister aravind kejriwal and BRS MLC kalvakuntla kavitha were placed under judicial detention till May 7 after the Rouse Avenue court in delhi denied them bail. kavitha and aravind kejriwal were both taken into custody by the Enforcement Directorate due to their purported participation in the delhi Liquor Scam. They were presented to the court today by the ED. Joyab Hussain, the ED's attorney, asked the judge to deny Kavitha's plea for bail, arguing that her arrest was lawful.
The court agreed to give kavitha and kejriwal an additional 14 days of judicial detention after hearing the arguments. The next time they appear in court is on May 7. Even the cbi asked the court yesterday not to award kavitha bail since she is one of the main defendants in the case and might have an impact on the legal procedures should she be released from custody. The court postponed rendering a decision on Kavitha's bail request; it is scheduled for May 2. She was taken into custody by Hyderabad-based ED personnel on march 16.
It should be noted that even tamil Nadu Ex-Minister Senthil balaji was denied bail several times and he is behind bars for more than a year.  

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