Repalle - Easy Hattrick for Anagani

With only 20 days to the elections, andhra pradesh is engulfed in election frenzy. Additionally, a lot of organisations have begun using their pre-poll polls to forecast the winners. In the meanwhile, every survey points to anagani satya prasad of the tdp winning a resounding hat-trick in the repalle seat. Since 2014, Anagani has been the winner of the seat. With a margin of 13,355 votes, he defeated mopidevi venkata ramana of the ycp in 2014. He defeated Mopidevi once more in 2019 with a majority of 11,555 votes.
YCP has selected Evuru Ganesh to data-face Anagani this time. However, it is said that Mopidevi's followers are not entirely collaborating with him since they are dissatisfied with the party for awarding Evuru a ticket. Despite his strong financial position, Evuru's prospects are being negatively impacted by the party members' lack of support.
Conversely, during the past ten years, Anagani has grown a sizable fan base. His job also makes others happy, which turns into a big plus for him. Anagani is powerful in every community because he has ties at the local level as well. In the previous ten years, he made Repelle his stronghold, and polls indicate that he will easily win a hat-trick in the elections.


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