Pawan Kalyan - Income 114 Crores and Taxes 73 Crores

Yesterday, pawan kalyan submitted his candidature from the pithapuram assembly constituency, and he included his affidavit with it. Pawan's income for the previous five years was 114.7 crore, according to the self-declared affidavit. The intriguing aspect of the affidavit is Pawan's declaration that he paid a considerable amount of tax—roughly Rs 73 crore. As he filed his declaration, Pawan, who has always emphadata-sized the need to be a good taxpayer, now had the data to back up his claims.
Other than that, Pawan has given Rs 20 crore to foundations and charitable organizations, including a Rs 50 lakh gift to the chief minister Relief Fund of Andhra Pradesh. Regarding loans, Pawan has already taken out a massive Rs 64.26 crore in debt. A portion of this sum is collected from film producers, and they may be turned into advances for his next projects with those producers. Additionally, he has borrowed two crore rupees from konidela Surekha, the wife of Chiranjeevi.
Pawan Kalyan has seven non-agricultural properties, including three in Telangana, four in Mangalagiri, two residential structures in hyderabad, and one in the name of his wife Anna. He also has four agricultural properties, all of which are in hyderabad (18.02 acres). In Hyd, PK purchased a Res building. 50% to Mark, the son, and 50% to Polina, the daughter.

When it comes to autos, pawan kalyan owns nine registered vehicles under his name, some of them are pricey luxury vehicles like the Range Rover and Mercedes-Maybach. In addition, a pick-up van and a Harley Davidson motorcycle—the brand Pawan adores the most—are registered in his name. Remarkably, the renowned Varahi Vehicle is absent from the list. The declaration lists akira and Aadhya as dependents, but curiously, they are referred to by their mother's last name.


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