Watching Hot Scenes Disgusting?

After a few setbacks, anupama parameswaran is back on track because of Tillu Square's enormous success. Her interpretation of a fearless and contemporary figure struck a chord with viewers. The young are going crazy over videos of her lengthy and passionate kissing sessions with idol siddhu Jonnalagadda on social media. These tweets are getting bookmarked by thousands of individuals who want to watch them again and again.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Some "feminists" who denigrate men criticize individuals who have marked private parts of the film and call attention to the masculine gaze as repulsive. However, people must realize that the entire situation is meant to be romantic, and the women who "act" in it make a lot of money from these kinds of moments. Why is it now improper to look at a sexual scene with lustful eyes? To criticize someone for enjoying these kinds of scenarios is to ignore the idea of sex positivity.

Furthermore, it is contradictory to criticize the masculine focus in films like 365 Days and Fifty Shades of Grey while downplaying the feminine gaze. Rather than being denigrated, these sexuality-related expressions should be valued as works of art. Furthermore, it would be inaccurate to assume that only men are saving these tweets in support of siddhu Jonnalagadda, as women and homosexual men may equally do the same. Anupama and siddhu were only carrying out their professional duties, seeking to captivate their younger audience. For the sake of feminism, people ought to cut back on their harsh judgments of others.


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