ZERO Response from Tollywood for Pawan Kalyan

Pothina Mahesh has recently directed his harsh remarks on Pawan Kalyan. He went one step further today and mentioned a few movie stars, saying that no one's life in the business has become better because of Pawan Kalyan. Pothina Mahesh accused pawan kalyan of obtaining many properties following his encounter with Chandrababu while incarcerated.
In addition, he alluded to dil Raju's complaint to IT officials about Pawan Kalyan, raising the possibility of hidden information but threatening to make it public. He further asserted that he was aware of the financing for the film hari Hara Veera Mallu. Pothina Mahesh is drawing the public's attention to Pawan's troubles in this way.
A small-time comic actor who also happens to be Pawan Kalyan's right-hand man responded by contacting several filmmakers and producers in the business and asking them to denounce Pothina Mahesh's remarks. Surprisingly, though, not a single movie star gave a good response. This demonstrates the true difficulty pawan kalyan is facing in the sector.

During his most recent press conference, Pothina levelled harsh accusations against Pawan Kalyan, referring to him as a chandrababu naidu package star. He said that Pawan's black money is being changed into white by hari Hara Veera Mallu.

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