Lok Sabha Elections: Few Reports of Firing in Manipur...

S Venkateshwari

Lok Sabha Elections: Few Reports of Firing in Manipur...

At least two locations in the Inner Manipur constituency, where the lok sabha election is now being held, have reported incidents of intimidation and fire, according to officials on Friday. police stated on friday that more security officers were deployed to the scene to manage the situation when armed individuals shot multiple rounds in the air near a polling booth at Thamnapokpi under Moirang constituency in Bishnupur district, forcing people to leave. They added that unidentified armed men also threatened election operatives from a certain political party in various locations and ordered them to leave the voting places.

An official stated that armed individuals demanded that party agents leave the polling station premises at Uripok and Iroishemba in the Imphal West district. Voters in Iroishemba, infuriated by the harassment, "forcefully entered polling stations and destroyed election materials and equipment," according to the official.Armed men scared congress poll workers in Kiyamgei in the Keirao seat of the Imphal east district by firing blank bullets. Early in the morning, an argument between voters and unidentified males occurred at Khongman Zone 4 in the Imphal east district, resulting in damage to the EVMs.

As of 1pm, just a small number of people had attended various Kuki-dominated assembly segments in Outer Manipur. According to officials, the turnout in the Kangpokpi district's Saitu and Saikul constituencies was 13.22% and 8.58%, respectively.With 49% of the vote, Henglep in the Churachandpur district had the highest turnout of any Kuki-dominated assembly segment. In contrast, the Churachandpur assembly segment saw a turnout of 43.67 percent.68.63 percent of voters in the naga and Kuki-majority Chandel constituency participated. Outer Manipur's Meitei-dominated assembly seats did, however, have somewhat higher turnout than Kuki districts. Officials reported that Khangabok in the Thoubal district had 52.68 percent of the vote cast.There are 15 assembly segments out of the 28 total Outer Manipur constituencies where voting is taking place on Friday.

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