Major National Surveys About Mood Of AP - VIDEO

India is preparing for the lok sabha elections of 2024, with the first round of voting taking place tomorrow throughout the nation's states. Numerous news organizations and networks are doing their pre-poll surveys in advance of the polls. It's interesting to note that the nda coalition is gaining the most seats in andhra pradesh according to all of these surveys. As is already known, the bharatiya janata party, telugu Desam Party, and Jana Sena have united in andhra pradesh ahead of the next general elections. These poll findings are included in a video that is now trending on social media.

According to india Today's survey, the coalition was expected to get 17 out of 25 seats, with the ycp managing to secure eight seats. india TV projected that the ycp would win eight seats and the alliance would win sixteen. CNN-News 18 predicted that the coalition will win 18 seats while the YSRCP would only win seven. A substantial margin of victory was also projected by india News' survey for the nda coalition.
Zed news reports that the coalition will win 17 seats overall, with the bjp winning six and the tdp winning eleven. It said that just eight seats would be won by the YCP. According to ABP news, the coalition will win 47% of the vote in andhra pradesh, with the ycp managing to clinch 40%. The majority of national media outlets projected that the tdp, bjp, and JSP coalition would win the state. These parties' cadres are thrilled with the survey findings and anticipate a resounding win in the polls.

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