Dubai's Sky Turns Green During a Storm and Heavy Rain..?

S Venkateshwari
Dubai's Sky Turns Green During a Storm and Heavy Rain..?

Dubai has been hit by severe rains over the past few days, which is an exceptional meteorological phenomenon for the city. Widespread disruption resulted from the flood, which stopped daily activities and affected air travel throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The state-run weather bureau described this rainfall as a "historic weather event," noting that it was the most intense in the uae in the previous 75 years. Videos and images of Dubai's sky becoming green are trending on social media right now, although images of the country's destruction have been making headlines. Some individuals claimed that it was a sign of the approaching storm, while many others voiced their disbelief.

A time-lapse video showing the grey sky changing to a hazy green color, signifying a downpour, went viral on social media. The caption for the 23-second video, which was uploaded on april 17, reads, "Sky turns green." In the UAE! Real-time video from today's storm in Dubai.  Real-time video captured during today's storm in Dubai. Another user posted, "You can see the sky turn GREEN!!!" "Heavy rain in dubai right now, live footage sky turns green the whole city looks like dusty #Dubai #rain," said another user on a different video. One person commented on the incident, saying, "Usually when the sky does that, it means there's going to be a tornado."

According to a Fox news story, the color shift is caused by light being diffused by the environment, which illuminates ice droplets within a cloud. The story quoted officials from the National Weather Service, stating that blue light will be predominantly scattered by water/ice particles seen in storm clouds that have a significant depth and water content. The blue water or ice droplets in the cloud will appear to glow green when they are illuminated by the reddish light diffused by the atmosphere.” 

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