Mylavaram - Will Jagan's Cast Equation get Votes?

- jagan believes on the caste equation
- All the equations are on mla Vasantha
-Tough to predict the outcome in Mylavaram

One of the constituencies where the high voltage battle takes place in ap is mylavaram constituency. The fight between devineni uma maheswara rao and jogi ramesh in 2014 was a nerve-wracking affair. Uma won by just 7 thousand votes. After that in 2019, the fight between devineni uma and Vasantha Krishnaprasad grabbed the attention of the state. Both of them contested the last election as well. Every now and then, the fight is very close and the margin is narrower.

Apara Kubera Vasantha krishna Prasad, who won from ycp in the last election, has switched parties and is contesting from tdp this time. And jagan gave the seat to Tirupathi Rao saying that everyone will be against one social class. mylavaram is the most important place in vijayawada Parliament. It is a stronghold for TDP. In fact, it was even labelled as TDP's forte and Babu has higher hopes on this zone, in particular.

Here, minister jogi ramesh vishwa made all efforts to contest Vasantha for TDP. Even though she is a pedana mla, it is her own constituency, she has been increasing her followers for the past three years. There came a gap with Vasantha and she switched her loyalties as well. But jagan Jogi was shifted from pedana to Penamalur and Jogi didn't liked that

When it comes to TDP's Vasanta krishna Prasad, she is a mild-mannered person. They will spend any amount financially to secure the victory. The tdp cadre is getting mixed up. There are also caste based equation votes in this zone. tdp also targeted the votes of the caste-based fans in YCP.  However, Vasantha is confident of winning with a huge majority in Mylavaram.

Tirupathi Rao is not in a position to spend a fortune in the LS polls. Although jagan gave Tirupathi Rao a seat in bc quota, people from the reddy community were appointed as observers. Money is being spent through them. The current situation in mylavaram is like a see-saw and we need to wait and see, who will win here in these circumstances? It's really touch to predict the winner.

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