Twitter shocked by Salman Khan's "small" house...

S Venkateshwari
Twitter shocked by salman Khan's "small" house... 

Eknath Shinde, the chief minister of Maharashtra, paid a visit to salman Khan's Bandra home on Tuesday, assuring the star of his safety following the recent shooting at his apartment. social media users are taking notice of inside videos from salman and his family's visit with the cm at Galaxy Apartment. Reactions to the actor's "mediocre and simple" home décor have been widespread on X and Reddit. 

Within salman Khan's residence salman clearly loves understated furnishings and design over overt opulence, as evidenced by the simple glass center table and grey patterned sofas in his living room—a far cry from what you'd expect from someone with his financial standing. The actor hosts the reality show Bigg Boss in addition to his filmography. In a 2023 story, bollywood Life cited insiders stating that salman demanded an astounding ₹12 crore every week, or ₹6 crore per episode, to host the 16th season of the show.

Responses to Salman's humble residence In reaction to a footage that ANI posted of salman and Eknath Shinde meeting at Galaxy Apartment, an X user tweeted, "Look at his tiny, unremarkable house—it's amazing how he can afford to purchase villas in the most prestigious locations—it's fascinating and remarkable. An example for those who construct enormous houses out of needless desire to gain approval from others, oh! While I was composing this, I couldn't help but think about mukesh Ambani, the billionaire, who lives in Antilia, Mumbai, and is the complete antithesis of this. In response, someone wrote: "This is merely a guest meeting room. His triplex is located in the same building." In response to this, a user remarked, "Even if you consider it is a visitor discussion room, meeting rooms ought to be even more elegant and structured."

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