Chaithra Achar joins the cast of Uttarakaanda

The filming of Uttarakaanda, directed by Rohit Padanki and starring Dhananjay, began on Monday. The first 15 days of filming are scheduled to take place at Vijayapura. The film's producers have recently revealed that Chaithra Achar has joined the cast. Century Star Shivarajkumar plays the movie's main character. In this gripping drama, Chaithra, who is well-known for her parts in Toby and her most recent movie Blink, is slated to play another important character named Lachchi.

The creators of Uttarakaanda eventually started filming after careful preparation, in-depth research, and brainstorming meetings to capture the spirit of North karnataka via its vernacular. bollywood composer amit Trivedi, who is releasing his first kannada film with Uttarakaanda, will provide the soundtrack for the picture. Production design will be managed by vishwas Kashyap, while cinematography will be handled by Advaitha Gurumurthy. The producers will reveal more information about the film's expanding cast in the next few days.

On Tuesday, Chaithra J Achar joined the cast of Uttarakaanda, starring Dhananjaya and Shivarajkumar. Lacchi is a young married woman who resides in Bijapur with her family. "The director, Rohit Padaki, texted me to say he would show me the screenplay and they would be glad to have me work on it. I enjoyed it, of course. Despite being from a tiny village, Lacchi enjoys being the center of attention and being herself, she adds.

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